SANCO prenatal test

We encourage our customers to perform the genome-wide SANCO Test, the result of which is available within 5 business days.


SANCO is a non-invasive prenatal genetic test that detects fetal abnormalities.
SANCO test analyses cell-free DNA from a maternal blood sample (mixture of fetal and maternal DNA) to screen for chromosomal conditions, including trisomy 21 (Down syndrome).
The test assesses the whole fetal genome, that is all 23 pairs of chromosomes, and the fetal sex.
It means that in the standard SANCO analysis, it is possible to assess all 23 pairs of chromosomes, aneuploidy of sex chromosomes, genetic sex of the fetus, a risk of deletion and duplication syndromes of at least 7 Mbp for all autosomal chromosomes, which corresponds to the resolution of the karyotype of amniotic fluid (after amniocentesis). The test identifies a risk of genetic abnormalities that cause a miscarriage, pre-eclampsia, IUGR and low birth weight. It determines a risk of a uniprenatal disomy occurrence and enables early cancer detection in a pregnant woman.
Test accuracy is >99.5%. Thanks to it, many expectant mothers may avoid invasive tests (including amniocentesis)  they fear so much. Recommended sampling time (gestational age): from the 10th to the 24th week of the pregnancy.

The SANCO Test is performed in the new Genomed laboratory in Warsaw, Poland. Compliance of the parameters of the test has been confirmed by the European CE-IVD certificate for the entire technological process (high quality and reliability of the test has been validated and confirmed). Moreover, Genomed SA holds two EMQN (European Molecular Quality Network) certificates for non-invasive, prenatal genetic testing.

The main advantages of the SANCO Test:
the highest quality - the most proven and accurate next-generation sequencing technology
• the highest effectiveness of the study (lack of result was recorded only for less than 1% of tests performed)
• high test effectiveness even at a low fetal DNA content (the result is obtained even at a content of 1% cell-free fetal DNA)
• CE-IVD certificate for the entire technological process
• EMQN certificate
testing time up to 5 business days from the date of delivery of the sample to the laboratory
• genome-wide range
• the possibility to determine the fetal RhD status  
The price of the Sanco Test at NZOZ Genomed  is: PLN 1, 980.
Each clinic independently determines the test price. A distribution of payment based on a low-interest instalments is available.


Who is the SANCO Test for?

  • Women who wish to perform a non-invasive test for fetal trisomy 21, 18 and 13.
  • Women whose results of biochemical and ultrasound examinations in the first and second trimester  show an intermediate risk of chromosomal aneuploidy.
  • Women over the age of 35 who do not opt for invasive prenatal testing.
  • Women who have contraindications for invasive prenatal testing, such as placenta previa, high risk of miscarriage, HBV infection, HIV, etc.
  • Women who have undergone an in vitro fertilization.


SANCO Test in comparison with other prenatal approaches


The procedure of the SANCO™ test is comparable to taking blood for morphological testing. No further preparation has to be made. Fasting is not necessary, however, just as before every blood draw, it’s advisable to drink more water. Forms: Information and patient consent form

SANCO NIPT can be provided by 300 clinics throughout Poland. If you are interested in the SANCO Test, please select the facility from the list below and make an appointment.
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NIFTY jest najbardziej wiarygodnym, najczęściej wykonywanym na świecie nieinwazyjnym genetycznym testem prenatalnym.  Do 2015 roku wykonano ponad 600 000 badań.

Test NIFTY™ jest w całości wykonywany w Polsce, w nowym laboratorium firmy Genomed S.A.. Posiada europejski certyfikat EC Certificate – Full Quality Assurance.

Standardowo wynik badania wydawany jest w terminie do 9 dni roboczych. Cena testu w NZOZ Genomed wynosi 2300 zł!

Badanie można wykonać w 200 placówkach na terenie całego kraju.
Pacjentki zainteresowane wykonaniem testu NIFTY prosimy o kontakt telefoniczny, tel.: 22 644 60 19 lub mailowy: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it